Is Cannabis legal in Texas? What you need to know.

Is cannabis legal in Texas?

Can I be forced to testify against my partner? Spousal privilege in Texas

testify against partner in Texas

Sometimes when a crime is committed, a husband or wife may have privileged information that can put his or her partner behind bars. The state may expect the spouse with evidence to testify against the guilty party.  But, how do you ignore the fact that most of the things married people share are in confidence? […]

How to become a criminal defense attorney in Texas

Criminal Attorney Texas

If you are looking for a challenging career that pays well in Texas, becoming a Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney is a good option. Criminal law is a noble profession that many respected people in the annals of history, such as Abraham Lincoln, have chosen. It pays well and gives you a chance to defend […]

How a criminal record in Texas affects your life

Criminal Record in Texas

Can you vote in Texas after you have been convicted of a crime? How about own and carry your gun?

How to work with your attorney during Covid-19 lock down

working with your lawyer

As the COVID – 19 infection rate increases in the U.S., the government is adopting severe measures to protect citizens from contracting the disease. Social distancing is encouraged, and citizens are advised to stay home. If you have a pending case in the courts, your case proceedings have definitely been affected by the COVID – […]

Juries and Jury Duty in Texas

Jury Duty in Texas

Remember a few years back when our former President, George W. Bush was summoned as a potential juror? Well, luckily for him (and, am sure to the great relief of the secret service), he was not picked as a juror. The presence of a jury in a criminal case is required as per the 6th […]

How to hire a criminal attorney

How to hire a criminal defense attorney

When you or someone you know gets arrested, your first thought should be to get  a criminal attorney. But unless you have experience working with lawyers or know a few good ones off the top of your head, getting a qualified and trustworthy lawyer in Texas is not an easy task. You risk getting; A […]

Criminal Investigation: 7 Things To Do!

Criminal Investigation

Are you under a criminal investigation? Here is what to do.

Criminal Negligence in Texas

Criminal Lawyer in Texas

What is considered criminal negligence in Texas? Read on to find out.

Rights of Criminal Defendants in Texas

criminal defendants rights

Know your rights as a defendant in Texas courts

Texas Gun Laws: A Guide

Texas Gun Laws

What are the laws that govern the buying, using and carrying of firearms in Texas?

Marijuana Penalties in Texas

What can you expect if you are convicted of possessing and distributing Marijuana in Texas?