Criminal Justice System in Texas

Criminal Justice Process in Texas [Step by Step Guide]

Do you know what to expect when dealing with the Texas criminal justice system?

Plea bargaining in Texas

Plea Bargaining in Texas [A Guide]

Should you consider a plea bargain to lessen your criminal charges?

Voting in Texas

Should convicted criminals in Texas have a right to vote?

Do you know if you are eligible to vote?

criminal trial in Texas

How long are criminal trials in Texas?

What is the process from arrest to conviction in Texas and how long does it take?

Stacked Sentences in Texas

Have you ever heard of stacked sentences? Maybe you’ve heard it in a court judgment, or someone you know had one passed against them, and you don’t know what it means.  What is a stacked sentence? Well, a stacked sentence is where two sentences are consecutively served by a person for multiple offenses. For example, […]

DWI in Texas

Keto diet and the breathalyzer tests

A few weeks back, we explored DUI & DWI in Texas but have you heard of people being arrested for DWI after a breathalyzer test when they are not drunk? Well, it happens. Image link One reason for alcohol on your breath could be ingesting something with a high alcohol content such as a candy […]

reasons to hire a criminal lawyer

Should you represent yourself? 5 reasons to hire a criminal attorney

A while back, we showed you how a criminal record affects your life in Texas. Which brings us to another important question when facing criminal charges: Should you represent yourself? When facing criminal charges, a good lawyer is a great asset. In fact, the 6th Amendment guarantees your right to hire and be represented by […]

DWI in Texas

Let’s talk drunk driving. DWI & DUI in Texas

Texas takes drink driving very seriously. It is estimated that about 40 percent of traffic fatalities on Texas roads are caused by intoxicated drivers. For that reason, the penalties for driving when intoxicated are severe. However, people are not strictly banned from driving after having an alcoholic drink.  Drink driving laws in Texas are governed […]

Probable cause in Texas

What is probable cause?

Can the police arrest you without a warrant?

testify against partner in Texas

Can I be forced to testify against my partner? Spousal privilege in Texas

Sometimes when a crime is committed, a husband or wife may have privileged information that can put his or her partner behind bars. The state may expect the spouse with evidence to testify against the guilty party.  But, how do you ignore the fact that most of the things married people share are in confidence? […]

Criminal Attorney Texas

How to become a criminal defense attorney in Texas

If you are looking for a challenging career that pays well in Texas, becoming a Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney is a good option. Criminal law is a noble profession that many respected people in the annals of history, such as Abraham Lincoln, have chosen. It pays well and gives you a chance to defend […]